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Finding Sojourner and Elizabeth

Finding Sojourner an...

Finding Sojourner Truth’s former residence at 74 Canal Street in New York City’s Chinatown was a fun find. She was a domestic worker and attended churches on ...

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Latina mental health

Latina mental health

Latina mental health was front and center for a change thanks to Smith College alum Dior Vargas ’09. The Latina feminist mental health activist and recipient ...

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Christmas in Puerto Rico

Christmas in Puerto ...

I was grateful for another Christmas in Puerto Rico. I’m still feeling the holiday spirit! Remember Three Kings Parade at El Museo del Barrio is this week! ...

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Welcome to our Home!

We help women, artists, non-profits, and businesses win visibility, support, and engagement through public relations, audience development and marketing events.

We specialize in multicultural outreach. We are a boutique company at the intersection of culture and entrepreneurship.

We bring over 30 years experience in media, event planning, production, and teaching.

Testimonial: “Impressive work on the Brooklyn-Japan culture exchange program! Your team delivered beyond expectation.” Osamu Honda, Japan Foundation, NY (Check Work+News page for more testimonials.)

We produce results!

View our award-winning films: ‘From Shanghai to Harlem’ and ‘The Healing Game.’

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Jobs we can do for you

  • engagement strategist, campaign director, community outreach
  • video, photographic, audio, graphics, digital productions
  • social media, website content writer, editor, blog specialist, publisher
  • audience development, marketing collateral, newsletters
  • keynote speech writer, scripts, toasts, ghost writing, narrations
  • event planning, logistics, curator; event management
  • archival, genealogy research, oral history interviews, memoir projects
  • speaker, women’s re-invention; Diaspora cooking classes
  • intersectional salons, deep dialogue, circle process

Consultant rates

  • Initial consult, 1 hour, $200

Video production rates

For a 5 to 8-minute video or trailer, we recommend a budget of $8000-$10,000. Script to screen, our rates are middle range for industry-standards. We have produced award-winning work for decades.

Servant Leaders: We identify as servant leaders and humanitarians. We help silenced and under-served communities. To donate, go the Contact page.

About Sylvia Wong Lewis: I am a life-long learner. I have blessings beyond measure. After graduating from Smith College, I enjoyed a successful career in teaching, media, and public service. I was born in Harlem and grew up in Brooklyn. My crazy, mixed-up family inspired me to launch Narrative Network. At 50 years old I decided to live and work in a more mindful and intentional way. To read more about me, go to the ‘About’ page.