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Self-care is warfare

Self-care is warfare. “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde’s much loved quote opened discussions on Thick, a ...

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Holiday Reunion memo...

Holiday reunions are coming. Are you ready for your crazy relatives? Back in the day, every weekend was a holiday reunion. The menu, script, and cast of characters were always set. There were ...

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Family History Month

Family History Month is celebrated in October by genealogists worldwide. This is a perfect time to celebrate your food legacy. I learned so much about my Southern and Caribbean genealogy and ...

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Welcome to our Home page!

Narrative Network is a small agency at the intersection of culture and entrepreneurship.

We coach, consult, and write about women, wellness, food, media and the arts. We are experts on race, gender, and Diaspora topics.

We offer community outreach, media and events services.

We align journalism, cause marketing, and audience development.

Our team has a collective experience of over 50 years in media, event planning, and production.

View our award-winning videos, on this page above:

From ‘Shanghai to Harlem’ (5 minutes) and ‘The Healing Game’ (8 minutes)

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Jobs we can do for you

  • writers, editors, communications campaign directors, web research, community outreach
  • video, photographic, audio, graphic artists, digital productions, executive presentations
  • social media, website content creation, blog specialist
  • press releases, marketing collateral, newsletters, ebooks, publishing
  • speakers, keynote speeches, scripts, toasts, memorials, ghost writing, narrations
  • event planners, curator, site logistics, brands-sponsor support; press conference management
  • genealogy research, oral history interviews, family history scrapbooks, memoir projects
  • coach, consultant to non-profits, the arts, crowdfunding, and fundraiser campaigns

Rates for our most popular services

  • Initial consult, 1 hour, $200
  • Social Media, Community Outreach, monthly retainer, $5K
  • Event planning, monthly retainer, $10K

Video production rates – For a 5 to 8-minute video or trailer, we recommend a budget of $8000-$10,000. Script to screen, our rates are middle range for industry-standards. With over 30 years experience producing award-winning work, we retain premier talent and resources.

  • Basic: 1 camera, $600/5 hours; Daily $900/10 hours; 2 cameras half-day $1000; Daily $1400. Basic includes 1 videographer with a full HD DSLR camera, basic audio package, and 3-point lighting kit. Great for single set-up interviews, B-roll capture and small video projects.
  • Indie: Includes a DP (Director of Photography aka cinematographer) with high quality cinema cameras, Audio Technician with dedicated boom and dedicated audio recorder, and Production Assistant. 1 camera, half-day/5 hours $900 or Daily/10 hours $1400; 2 camera half-day/5 hours $1250 or Daily/10 hours $2000.
  • Pre-production: Hourly $100, Daily $800. Plan, write, edit script, narration, review, finalize edits, storyboards, scout sites, set-up, implement shoot schedule.
  • Post-production: Hourly $125, Daily $1000. Take all video footage, edit into a final video. Includes editing, motion graphics, color grading, photos, sound, music, titles, color correction, encoding for DVD, Blu-Ray or web, upload to website, YouTube, Vimeo, Crowd-funding platforms, and more.

Community Services: Our services are joyfully donated free of charge to domestic violence survivors, wounded warriors, natural disaster survivors, and social justice, especially food activism. Please donate on our Contact page to help our current urban gardens and other community projects.