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AuntylandAuntyland is an indie magazine and online platform for mature women of color. Sistuhs, we know you are out there! Our Indie magazine is finally coming! We will feature a new website with themed quarterly editions. We plan an annual black and white print edition.

Why Auntyland? Why should mommies and grandmas have all the fun? Aunties have stories too. Auntyland is a fun and whimsical place. We are joyful, fly and ageless women! And we have a serious side. Didn’t we recently save an election in Alabama? Today more than ever we need to face the reality of race, gender, and age bias– and understand how our stories play out. We need to explore interdisciplinary ways to change and balance media’s obsession with youth culture. When I think about my ‘aunties’ I am filled with wide-ranging emotions and memories. Auntyland is about aunts and more. As a Boomer woman of color, sometimes I am called ‘Aunty’. I am also called Sistuh!! Anyone who has been called ‘Aunty’ knows it is a nickname and a respect title for mature women of color (50+) in many cultures, especially Caribbean, African, Asian and African American.

Auntyland Auntyland will feature stories and artistic expressions by and about seasoned women. Please spread the word about our wisdom movement for women who connect, act and eat with gusto!

Submission Guidelines/Deadline March 20, 2018:

  • Our first edition’s theme is simply ‘Aunt.’ We only want ‘Aunt’ stories for our first edition. We are making a special tribute to Aunts in our inaugural issue. Deadline: March 20, 2018. We project a Spring 2018 launch.
  • Pitch your ‘Aunt’ story idea in 250 words or less. State clearly what your article is about, include relevant links for references, type of photos or illustrations.
  • There is no age limit! You must be a self-identifying person of color, a non-binary person of color, or an ally.
  • You will hear from us, within two weeks, if your pitch is accepted for publication. You will be given a deadline and assigned an editor.
  • In future editions and on our online platform we will cover other topics such as lifestyle, food, and genealogy. We also welcome prose, poetry, essays, humor, and reflection about age, race, gender, wellness, art, society, politics, media, culture, travel, and tips. We are especially interested to launch an advice column.
  • Writers: We are interested in ‘Aunt’ stories. We want personal reflections, think pieces, interviews, original and evergreen stories. We welcome original poetry and prose on the ‘Aunt’ theme. If you have someone that you would like to interview for our ‘aunt’ theme, send your pitch. Whether it’s discovering an aunt through genealogy or creating an art series that represents your unique cultural narrative, we welcome you. No press releases for post-event coverage or reviews. We do not re-publish old blog posts or any content with affiliate links.
  • Sample story ideas: You may interpret our ‘Aunt’ theme in any way you wish. But here are some ideas: Becoming an aunt-blessings and challenges; Ways Aunties save the world; Aunties as warriors; Aunts discovered in genealogy; My Radical/Activist Aunt; Ghetto Fabulous Aunt; Fly Aunts; Aunts who make a difference; Why Aunts are needed; Top 5 Aunt Jokes; Diva Aunts; Cooking Aunts; Gardening Aunt; Strict Aunts; Nosy Aunts; Crazy Aunts, Fun Aunts; Sanctified or Religious Aunts; Transgender/Gay Aunts; Incarcerated Aunt; Complicated Aunt; Aunt figures in literature, TV, film, music; Historical or multicultural perspectives on Aunties, family structure.
  • Photography/Artists: We are looking for cover photos, photographic series, illustrations, and creative, multimedia covers for our website and print edition.
  • We want to feature women artists 50+-their artworks, and artists and creative storytellers in all genres. We want to publish timeless profiles about their lives. We welcome original photos, family photos, illustrations, graphics, artwork pieces, and art series, related to edition theme.
  • Pay – All contributors will be compensated.

Staff: We are currently a volunteer crew of women of color (WOC) journalists, who believe in the Auntyland mission. We brainstorm, share stories, and test recipes.

We’re Hiring: We seek to hire a part-time editor, social media manager, and business development manager. Must be WOC 50+, live in the NYC area, 5 years editor experience, digital savvy skills, deadline, detail-oriented. If interested, please respond on the ‘kitchen cabinet’ form below.

Contact: If interested, please click here to complete the submission forms. To sign-up for our mailing list and to receive invitations to our events, click here.




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