Rename Columbus Day

The movement to rename Columbus Day continues to build. By now, many of you agree that we should honor our Indigenous sisters and brothers. Christopher Columbus and his invaders were lost at sea. He landed in the Caribbean where he was rescued and greeted with love and generosity by the Taino and native tribes. He…Continue Reading

Afro-Asian Diaspora Food Profiles

Afro-Asian Diaspora food flavor profiles can create culinary game change in your kitchen. I spent the whole summer exploring Japanese, Korean and Creole cuisine, especially vegetable side dishes. Although I am more experienced with Soul-Chinese food, I thought it would be helpful to post a comprehensive list of Diaspora food profiles. Hopefully, this list can…Continue Reading

Julian Bond Tribute

Tribute: Julian Bond tributes are still pouring in. He may be with the ancestors now but the news clips, audios and videos continue to roll in. I especially loved Julian, Alice Walker’s poem. It will make you cry. I loved Bond’s last interview done only a few weeks ago in Boston. It’s a must listen/read.…Continue Reading

QM2 musings

Queen Mary 2 (QM2) was a lovely way to start our summer vacation. We were celebrating our anniversary and my successful BBC Radio project. Cunard Line was celebrating too–its 175th anniversary. Its grand style, formal dress codes, afternoon teas, chamber music, ballroom dancing, and sea air added up to a memorable time. Yes, this was…Continue Reading

Juneteenth memories

Juneteenth is our first African American holiday. But it almost did not happen. The word Juneteenth is colloquial phrasing for an approximate June date when enslaved African Americans in Texas learned that they were free. June 19, 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth, also known in Texas as Emancipation Day. But like many black…Continue Reading